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Hi All,

Such a device would need adaptation for the OLPC to be possible for
kids (particularly those in the developing world) to use.  We found by
experimentation with weights that kids 8-12 average max sustained
power applied against gravity was around 11W.  They would need at
least +50-80% of what this thing actually generates to account for
energy lost to heat / noise etc.  That would be fine for a New York
office worker who bikes to/from work, but not kids out here.

The principle though is really exactly what I had in mind when I get
around to making the next prototype out here...

Given that it's making 60-80W of power it's safe to assume if it's 70%
efficient you're talking about needing 100W of actual energy.

Given a 10kg weight (pretty heavy)

Work = Force x Distance
100W = (9.81 x 10) x 1m

You would have to move a load of 10Kg up a meter every second.  You
could test this by taking some old style scales and putting a weight
on one and then using your foot on the other side to make it go up and
down and counting the number of times it goes up and down in a given



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