Online Update To 10.1.3-XO1 Failing

Daniel Drake dsd at
Fri Jan 21 08:17:51 EST 2011

On 21 January 2011 13:15, Tiago Marques <tiagomnm at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Am I missing something? It seems UBIFS doesn't go well with online updates.

You forgot to say which version you are upgrading from.

I strongly doubt you are using ubifs, since it is only used in
development builds based on Fedora 14.

> [olpc at olpc-geode ~]$ sudo olpc-update 10.1.3_xo1-860
> Downloading contents of build 10.1.3_xo1-860.
> Updating to version hash 94bd3ffd71c4ec433dca2e0e162bcf33
> Deleting old incomplete update tmp.J68VmD
> Trying irsync_pristine update from
> rsync://
>  - Fetching contents.
>  - Performing incremental rsync.
> rsync: write failed on
> "/versions/updates/94bd3ffd71c4ec433dca2e0e162bcf33/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/yum/":
> No space left on device (28)

Looks like you're out of disk space.


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