request: Release/build naming consistency

James Cameron quozl at
Tue Jan 18 23:22:19 EST 2011

Which Wiki pages are confusing?  I've not seen any edits that show

A release name is akin to a composite software product version.  The
naming convention is described here:

A build number is output of the build process.  Normally a release name
will have a series of build numbers associated, with the latest build
number being the final build for the release.

File names for installation have to meet 8.3 filename restrictions so
that they are supported easily by OpenFirmware.

os860 is the final build for the 10.1.3 release, but if there's a reason
to make a new build for that release then we'll go right ahead and make
an os861, and update the links that explain how to install 10.1.3.

I've not heard of many users confused by this.

It is a useful separation of file names from version numbers.

James Cameron

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