XO 1.5 Display problem

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Wed Feb 23 22:48:22 EST 2011

Martin wrote:

> If you press the power button, do you get a power LED on? Then, can
> you switch it back off with the power button held down for a few secs?

I've seen this happen with *production* XO-1.5s.  The catch is, that
system stopped working while q3a62 was doing 'fs-update' - could be
switched off (LED did pulse) by holding down the power button - but the
screen stayed dark when the power button was pushed after power down.

> If yes, candidate to be http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/10314 or a close cousin.

The way I remember it, the #10314 cause was a bad solder connection (on
a motherboard layer?) in *pre-production* units.


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