NANDblaster failing

Hal Murray hmurray at
Tue Feb 15 00:39:33 EST 2011

> I don't see any problems in Linux. Following James' advice, I associated
> with an AP and pinged the gateway for a few hours. Over ~7500 pings, I had
> 1% packet loss and no errors in /ver/log/dmesg. 

7500 isn't very many packets.

Try ping -f.  (f for flood, need to be root)

It takes me 13 seconds to get to 7500 packets.

If that doesn't find a problem, try longer packets.

In case you don't have a man page handy...
  -c xxx (c for count, stops after xxx packets)
  -s xxx (s for size, sends packets of xxx bytes)

-f puts an "interesting" load on things.  You might try XO to XO rather than 
going through the AP and/or loading the router.  (but the lights on the AP 
and/or router might be helpful)  Or XO to PC rather than router...

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