Planning to package our 'audited' libtommath and libtomcrypt

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Mon Feb 14 17:20:13 EST 2011

I am approaching bios-crypto again -- with the intention to split off

 - libtommath -- it's trivial to reuse the spec from the official pkg,
and the delta is small
 - libtomcrypt -- same
 - bios-crypto -- the binaries and some low-level scripts
 - bios-crypto-utils -- will move to a separate repo & rpm the shell &
python utils we use in the XS

Here is some background on the "audited" libs

There will probably be limited interest from Fedora proper, but at
least there'll be a pacakge in case anyone is crazy enough to push
more on this track :-)


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