f14-os8, xo-1.5 kernel trace

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri Feb 11 18:16:37 EST 2011

On 11 February 2011 23:10, Martin Langhoff <martin at laptop.org> wrote:
> Hi Daniel, list
> I have a mangled bug report. Was running yum -ty install patch over a
> WEP-encrypted AP, and plugged a usb flash disk, when I got dumped this
> kernel trace.

There is a ticket open for this. We've had this kernel message for
years, its harmless. It appears scarier in the most recent kernel
because it prints a trace as well as the message, but its not serious
and is not the cause of your issue.

> Not sure which subsystem it is. A few minutes after after, the unit
> lost keyboard input, which seems to be happening quite a bit under
> f14.

I haven't yet managed to reproduce this. Is it with XO-1 or XO-1.5? Do
you have a full dmesg log from after when the keyboard was lost? Could
the machine have gone into suspend and lost keyboard on resume, or did
you keep it awake (or have suspend disabled)?


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