Activity crashes when using

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Thu Feb 10 06:21:58 EST 2011

Bert wrote
> libsugarize only works for "well-behaved" simple X11 programs

Hmmm.  For me, has worked even with "complex" X11
programs.  I launch most of my third-party (Linux) applications from the
command line -- but some number of them (e.g., Chrome, Labquest) I've
"sugarized" so that others can launch them through Home View.

Even though these applications are not "simple", I've so far not
encountered any problems:  I point to the bash
"sugarize.script" (rather than to the compiled "sugarize.c")
and make sure the bash script has the line
I then add in lines to the end of the bash script which set up the
application's variables, then launch the application's executable.


p.s.  "Non-well-behaved" programs (perhaps because they might open
multiple windows) can leave behind "gray circles" in Frame when they
close.  I wish Sugar would automatically clean out icons from Frame once
the X11 window|session (which that icon represents) has gone away.

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