Touch-pad expectations

Hal Murray hmurray at
Tue Feb 8 02:43:09 EST 2011

richard at said:
> One absolute we know is that the touchpad hates multi-touches.  If you  have
> more than 1 point of contact with the sensor then it will go  bonkers.  Due
> to the button placement below the touchpad this is quite  easy to do.  Its
> trivial to show that double touches throw the pad into  a tailspin.  Other
> failure modes are harder to duplicate. 

Thanks.  That may be part of my problem.

I keep my left thumb on the left button.  My left hand is underneath the XO 
and the thumb wraps around to the button but doesn't get near the touchpad.  
But my ring finger may be drooping down and getting close enough to cause 
troubles.  I'll try to keep an eye on that.

I would really like to see some feedback when it is doing a recalibrate.  Can 
somebody point me at the right section of code and/or provide a few hints on 
how to implement that?  I'm thinking of a hack, nothing clean and elegant.  
For an experiment, I'd be happy to dedicate any corner of the screen.  (Say 
1/4 inch sq, or bigger if I can't see that fast enough.)

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