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ismael schinca ischinca at
Mon Feb 7 11:41:01 EST 2011

Hello everyone. I'm trying to run Fedora 12 on a Beagleboard xm and running
sugar on it.

However, when I try to install the sugar package via yum I get some
dependencies problem. Specifically, the xapian-bindings-python package is
missing (apparently sugar-datastore requires it). This package is not
available for ARM architecture.

So I downloaded and compiled the latest xapian bindings for python manually.
However, after succesfully installing this, the dependencies problem still
remains. I suppose it just checks for the package.

Any suggestions? I'm no expert so maybe it's something quite simple (yum
skip-broken does not do the trick).


Ismael Schinca
Centro Ceibal - Depto. T├ęcnico - I+D
Avda. Italia 6201 - Edificio Los Ceibos
Montevideo - Uruguay.
Tel.: 2601 57 73 Int. 2232
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