Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 07:34:03 EST 2011

Season Greetings everyone.
While on Holidays, needed to connect to a VPN under os883 on a traveling XO-1.5.
So I yum installed NetworkManager-openvpn and dependencies and although the VPN tab allows you now to add a VPN connection, the "save" button of the configuration window is always grayed out. 
Sudo launching nm-connection-editor, same thing.
Terminal says
(nm-connection-editor:1994): WARNING **: Invalid setting VPN: remote 
(nm-connection-editor:1994): WARNING **: Invalid setting VPN: ca
But nothing more.
/etc/openvpn/ remains empty and /etc/openldap just has the default files.

Installing the openvpn-conf rpm from the provider and starting the service through CLI, provided the access I needed but MN's behavior does not change ("save" remains grayed out) 

I'm not sure if any deployment will ever require a VPN but you never know. so here it is.
Happy New Year.

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