11.3.1 development build 19 for XO-1.75

Martin Langhoff martin at laptop.org
Sun Dec 11 23:10:24 EST 2011

The "Blinky Spaceship" build. Fixes several drivers to behave
correctly in the face of aggressive suspend/resume. And now the
spaceship LED blinks on reads/writes to MMC storage.

Download from:


Fixes (please help us test):

#11522 S/R hangs during runin - audio uses DMA
#11471 Crash in mmp2_pcm_open and related code
#11470 Speak hangs across a S/R cycle

#11435 Libertas sequence error seen while suspending
#11510 Libertas device loses wireless extensions after suspend/resume cycle
#11527 Libertas NULL pointer dereference on resume with 11.3.1 os18

#11531 & #11505 Accelerometer & light sensor fail in runin due to low read rates


--- os18/xo1.75/os18.packages.txt	2011-12-05 01:43:30.000000000 -0500
+++ os19/xo1.75/os19.packages.txt	2011-12-11 23:03:54.000000000 -0500

Kernel Changelog:

Andres Salomon (4):
      mmp2_pm: disable MC autowaking
      libertas: clean up scan thread handling
      libertas: provide useful info is scan_req is NULL
      mmp2: fix a bug with the SD clock

Jon Nettleton (4):
      olpc: hook up the storage led
      leds: Add MMC Block Trigger
      olpc: hookup mmc block trigger to storage led
      xo_175_defconfig: Add default LED options

Jonathan Corbet (5):
      mmp2-i2s: Some code cleanups
      mmp2-i2s: Make capture work better
      mmp2-i2s: Add suspend/resume support
      mmp2-pcm: Defend against weird spurious interrupts
      mmp2-pcm: Add suspend/resume support

Paul Fox (1):
      add comment pointing at brief rtc-linux thread regarding OLPC changes

Saadia Baloch (1):
      alc5631.c: Turn off/on mic bias in alc5631_mute function.


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