[OLPC New Zealand] XO 1.75 B1 build 11.3.1 testing

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Dec 4 02:58:17 EST 2011

On Sun, 2011-12-04 at 19:45 +1300, Carlos Nazareno wrote:
> Some results that might be of interest. Not sure which build of 11.3.1
> is installed, will confirm with Tom.

It is build 16. It should be specified in the "about this xo" thing in
the preferences.

> - one time I shut down from gnome, the LED was orange and did not turn off.

I have noticed "sudo halt" does not halt the machine -- the screen goes
blank and the power led stays green. Holding down the power button
causes it to shut down with the normal flashing after the delay.

> There's quite a bunch of stuff that's not available with the Fedora
> arm repositories (or at least that can be seen by Yum out of the box
> on 11.3.1) so contrary to what was mentioned by someone before, there
> are some challenges to getting some x86 programs & packages to run.

Did yum work at all? In every location I've tried, yum doesn't work at
all, complaining about a repmod. Check the olpc-nz archives from the
last couple of weeks where this was discussed along with a "solution".
It is apparently a problem with redhat and arm and either the mirror
list or ISP meddling.

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