XO 1.75 battery life?

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Sun Dec 4 02:13:49 EST 2011

On 12/03/2011 06:56 AM, Carlos Nazareno wrote:

> One of the XO-1.75 B1 prototypes is now on loan with me, and I'll be
> doing some testing on the battery life. (it's the one with the "high
> school" non-membrane hard keys keyboard).

Please remember that its a B1 and that ASR is not as effective as it 
will be on a C1 or later.

Also please make sure when you do power tests that you are using the 
very latest builds as we are fixing ASR bugs daily.

When you are done with your battery tests please send the resulting 
powerd logs to me.

Richard A. Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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