Graphics for indicating that a firmware update is taking place

James Cameron quozl at
Wed Aug 31 22:04:35 EDT 2011

Fixed it yesterday, please give it a try.

The graphics were designed with the following goals:

0.  not do any graphics operations during the actual flashing, e.g. no
progress bar, because this makes it harder to test any interactions,

1.  not add another icon to the rom: list, just re-use what is there,

2.  lead the user's eye toward the storage LED, which will glow during
the flashing,

3.  suggest that the laptop itself is doing something,

4.  use an ellipsis to indicate a temporary "falling short", or
"omission" of progress,

5.  be interesting enough to cause the user to focus and wonder, by
which time it will all be over.  ;-)  The EC reflash time is tiny.

James Cameron

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