11.3.0 ARM repo setup

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Aug 31 10:43:52 EDT 2011


We're close to having ARM builds in 11.3.0, just a couple more
in-progress issues to resolve.

I think the one pending area that we haven't discussed is repo layout
for RPM dropboxes. My thoughts:

With a fully functioning koji and complete-ish repos it will be time
to remind people that dropboxes should only be used in exceptional
i.e. a lot of the stuff in f14-arm should instead be built from koji
(we're now at the point to make that happen, and it's partially
already been done). But that still leaves a couple of exceptions to
take care of.

We should use the "f14" dropbox for all packages that are not specific
to the XO-1.75/ARM platform (even if built for ARM). So that would
include sugar* and runin from the existing f14-arm repo. This also
brings a few advantages: the noarch packages are shared with x86 and
not duplicated, it becomes quite easy to see which package versions
lack ARM builds (since everything is side-by-side in a directory), and
its one less repo for us and the infra to care about.

Then we'd create a new, f14-xo1.75 repo for all platform-specific
XO-1.75 packages. From the existing f14-arm repo, that would just be
the kernel and firmware.

The builds would then draw from f14 and f14-xo1.75, dropping f14-arm.

As Martin points out, yum copes just fine with having multiple arches
in the same repo.

This brings us nice symmetry:
XO-1 uses f14 and f14-xo1
XO-1.5 uses f14 and f14-xo1.5
XO-1.75 uses f14 and f14-xo1.75
And in each of the f14-xo* repos, the only packages present are kernel
and bootfw.


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