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Sun Aug 28 18:14:33 EDT 2011

Hi cji,

Sugar-coating the Virtaal tool can easily make it an activity that when added will show as a clickable on the Sugar desktop.  This method is quick but bypasses Sugar and sugar goodies like bitfrost.  See Tux4Kids for an example.  

With all due respect, not trying to step on anyone's XOs so please forgive my humble-bold  offer of my skills for sugar-izing Virtaal and adding it to the activities library.  My offer extends to Tux4Kids as it too could be sugar-ized and benefit others the same way as Virtaal.  And please excuse my shameless plea for gifts of groceries, gas and cash to feed the hungry South Florida XO and me as we can no longer living on love along.  Personal and Cashier checks, money orders, gift cards and jump drives can be mailed to the PO Box at 'whois'.  Anyone with or willing to open an ING account can make a direct deposit (and avoid the fed's delay).  Any funds from new accounts opened with a referral from me will be used to open and fund and manage ING kid accounts for kids at the Village Academy, Delray beach who are also participance of the KOPMN sponsored sugar lab. Tug heart strings here; the kids will be able to spend the money to pay utilities and make donations and pay penny fines earned at the lab for misbehavior.  

Elissa Carmichael

On Aug 26, 2011, at 2:19 PM, Chris Leonard wrote:

> Dear Sugar and Virtaal Developers,
> It would be really wonderful if an activity developer would consider
> taking on the task of Sugarizing the Virtaal local PO edittng tool.
> It might make a nice hackfest project.  While it is easy enough to
> install Virtaal on the Gnome side of the dual boot OLPC images (sudo
> yum install virtaal), this currently requires that the XO be unlocked
> with a developer's key.  The Virtaal developers are the same people
> that give us Pootle, and they are a great group and have been very
> helpful to Sugar / OLPC L10n efforts.  While I can't promise, I
> suspect that it might be possible to entice one or more of them to
> collaborate on this effort.
> Having a Sugarized Virtaal activity would allow it's use on SOAS and
> XO's not using a dual-boot image.  The presence of such an activity is
> truly complementary to the show source improvements that have been
> made and would allow for small deployments (without great bandwidth)
> to truly bootstrap themselves into a fully localized UI.  We've
> already heard reports of kids producing their own bilingual
> dictionaries on XO laptops, why not allow them to localize their own
> software.
> I think this would be a huge win for Sugar as a whole (and a boost for
> Virtaal as well) and I hope that someone would consider taking on this
> project that has a potentially huge impact on the Sugar user
> experience.  This is genuinely about making it possible to allow full
> appropriation of our tools for local purposes.  I know that there are
> other possible candidates for local PO editors, but I believe that
> Virtaal has a number of advantages over many of the other possible
> choices.
> Warmest Regards,
> cjl
> volunteer Sugar Labs / OLPC / eToys Poolte admin
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