11.3.0 development build 3 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sun Aug 28 16:29:04 EDT 2011



No XO-1.75 support yet.

Notable changes since build 2:
- Fedora updates including Firefox, GIMP
- XO-1.5 firmware Q3B19
- Sugar 0.93.3
- Abacus updated to v22
- Distance updated to v25
- FotoToon update to v8
- GetBooks updated to v9
- Measure updated to v33
- Paint updated to v36
- Ruler updated to v11
- TamTam* updated to v59
- Terminal updated to v34
- TurtleArt updated to v114

Tickets closed:
#10781 	Distance Activity needs to enforce sane Atmospheric conditions

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