Summary of various of my notes on XO 1.75

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Tue Aug 23 21:01:49 EDT 2011

The following all work on XO 1.5 11.2/11.3 but do not work on the XO 1.75 at

1) USB2VGA does not 'light up' as it does on an XO1.5.  It is listed in
lsusb - boot does not hang, just carries on using the regular screen
2a) USB 3G modems do not appear in Network Manager available connections in
gnome, but are listed in lsusb
2b) Similarly in Sugar, USB 3G modems do not appear in the frame, even with
a modem configuration, and when they are listed in lsusb
3) External Microscopes are not seen by Cheese, but are listed in lsusb
4) USB Ethernet dongle causes machine to hang if plugged in at boot, boot
resumes when unplugged from port.  Does not connect to network when plugged
in after boot, but link light is on.  No IP address given.
5) frame key is still at f6
6) boot sound is definitely tinny

The following are observations:

1) Sugar can now connect to ad-hoc network and 'see' XO 1's and XO1.5's also
attached to that network in the Sugar network view.
2) terminal icon for sugar is back to being a '$' again, seemed to have been
changed to a '>' in 11.3  for XO 1.5
3) tap to click on track pad is active, as it is on the new XO 1.5's
4) no 'pretty boot'

Please let me know if you want more details on any of these, or whether it's
too early in the cycle to be worried about any of this.



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