remind folks: apply for {used XO-1s, new XO-1.5s, prototype XO-1.75s} within 48hrs!

Holt holt at
Wed Aug 17 06:31:38 EDT 2011

Thanks everyone for then joining us directly Friday 2pm EDT (Boston 
Time) to evaluate & vote for the many community contributors' projects 
requesting hardware, that deserve our support:

This meeting will be Friday Aug 19th, on channel #olpc-meeting that 
anybody can join right here:

Naturally supplies of {used XO-1s, new XO-1.5s, prototype XO-1.75s} are 
all limited; you may not get exactly the free hardware you dream of!  
But rest assured earnest, new contributors:

    /Everyone with something to offer to the OLPC/Sugar global movement
    is strongly encouraged and mentored by our community/peer review
    process wherever///whenever//we can, to Build Something Great, That
    Lasts.  Thanks to our global learning community////standing up --
    investing their own time helping along dedicated, growing project
    contributions -- arising variously from proven AND emerging AND new

Help kids everywhere map their world, at

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