Sugar and GTK updates

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Tue Aug 16 21:52:04 EDT 2011

>> had nowhere near the configurability of G2
> Whether you intended to or not, you've just joined forces with those
> who criticise the fallback mode without actually saying whats wrong
> with it. What functionality were you missing?

If you were someone working to improve the fallback mode, I would 
consider my time well spent to explain my comment.  But to inform those 
not directly involved, please read what I _DID_ already say regarding 
what I dislike: "had nowhere near the configurability of G2".


p.s.  For example, in the panels G2 gives me a LOT of function via LMB 
-- icon move and delete, panel resize and add, etc.  G3 fallback mode 
(out of the box) has taken all those configurability facilities away.

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