Sugar and GTK updates

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Tue Aug 16 11:49:53 EDT 2011


I have been watching the flurry of emails and updates to the Sugar
activities, the discussion surrounding including more rpm's in Sugar, and
the desired OLPC upgrading of GTK discussions with interest.

My concern is that feature creep, and with concurrent support dependency
increases, it could make the footprint and hardware requirements so large on
an XO-1, that it becomes untenable.

Has there been discussion as to when the development cycle might stop for
the older XO-1's, (perhaps strawmanning in as F14 with .94), so that this
innovation and progress can continue on the more modern platforms?  Or,
perhaps have OS builds for the newer releases for an XO-1 be tailored to
(and insist on) a configuration woih an SD card of at least 2Gb, with 256Mb
of swap, to be installed on an XO-1?  While this wouldn't address any issues
wrt the small main memory, or video performance, it might alleviate some of
the footprint size and swap thrashing concerns that might arise.  A 2Gb SD
card is a pretty cheap h/w upgrade, imo.  Perhaps I've just missed the
discussion and all this is already handled. Wouldn't be the first time :-)

Just curious.


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