New F14-arm build os1 - Fedora mirror plus more!

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Sun Aug 14 09:14:49 EDT 2011

The Peter's first release with Fedora Secondary Mirrors goodness plus
much more release!

Download from:

Changes and notes from Martin's OS36:

- All of sugar 0.92.4 release
- abiword and pyabiword with network support
- pybox2d distro package included so Physics should work
- gnash / gnash-plugin
- PolicyKit-olpc
- Temporarily removed pygame and totem due to dep issues
- Back to latest builds of dracut* linux-firmware olpc-update
- A few minor package NVR regressions that will be fixed in the next build

In kernel land:
- Nothing

Activity version changes:

Using Yum:

The default Fedora yum config should work for fedora and
fedora-updates. MirrorManager redirects to appropriate mirror based on
arch so there should now be no changes necessary.


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