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Paul Fox pgf at
Tue Aug 9 18:31:45 EDT 2011

on XO-1 and XO-1.5, we were able to discover the model of the laptop
from the information under /sys/class/dmi/id.  the DMI schema comes
from the PC world, and we can't expect it to exist on ARM.

there was also information to be found in /ofw on those machines, like
serial number, and uuid.  the hex model designator found there was
used as a fallback if the dmi tree wasn't there (on older XO-1

on 1.75, there's no dmi tree, and /ofw has moved to /proc/device-tree,
so we need to modify a lot of places that try and dig up platform
info.  (see #11116)

so i'm floating the attached script, tentatively named olpc-hwinfo,
as a strawman.  i think it gives access to the most often needed info,
and can obviously be expanded if needed.  it would go in olpc-utils,
which would put it in /usr/sbin (since some clients live in /usr/sbin).

thoughts/comments?  better approaches?  obvious additions?

 paul fox, pgf at

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