New F14-arm build os36 - Sugar in sync, device-tree!

Chris Ball cjb at
Sun Aug 7 12:40:33 EDT 2011

Hi Niels,

On Sat, Aug 06 2011, Niels de Vos wrote:
>>     = We have device-tree! So what used to be in /ofw now appears in
>> /proc/device-tree . Time to port bitfrost, dracut-modules-olpc, sugar
>> control panel, olpc-utils. Thanks Andres, Mitch and Saadia!
> Wow, this is quite impressive! You must be one of the first that have this
> in a real distribution for ARM :)

I think ChromiumOS is using flattened trees, but we're also running Open
Firmware and have it stay resident to be called into.

>>     = There is a new schedulear/timer patch from Lennert -- mystery
>> minutes-long hangs should be gone for real now.
> Do you have any references like a git-commit or discussion on a
> mailinglist for this? I'd like to match this with some other ARM
> hardware (non/OLPC) issues I have seen.

There's a description of our problem at:


- Chris.
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