11.3.0 development build 2 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Aug 4 17:18:04 EDT 2011



Notable changes since build 1:
- New XO-1.5 wireless firmware
- XO-1 OpenFirmware update wasn't included in build 1 as planned, but
is now included
- linux-firmware removed
- HAL removed, new kbdshim uses udev
- pygtk glade module is back
- Minor Fedora updates
- Finance updated to v5
- Help updated to v13
- Jukebox updated to v22
- Log updated to v25
- Stopwatch updated to v11
- TurtleArt updated to v113

Tickets closed:
#10780 	Sugar Network view looses track of available networks but iwlist is fine
#10864 	Finance activity has old toolbar
#10865 	Help activity has old toolbar
#10867 	Jukebox activity has old toolbar
#11053 	import gtk.glade fails
#11063 	New XO-1.5 wifi firmware v9.70.20.p0
#11088 	kbdshim-18 breaks boot

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