XO won`t suspend sometimes

Matías Poloni mpoloni at ieee.org
Tue Apr 26 15:06:17 EDT 2011

I'm working with the XO 1.0 with the 802 image (i've found this image the
most accurate one for my project). I need to suspend (and resume) many times
per day the XO with the *pm-suspend* command due to my project, but
sometimes it doesn't goes to sleep.
I know that the process is running because when I do *top *in the console I
see the *pm-suspend *process.
I've been trying to solve this problem for some time without success. I've
read that in some cases something is locking pm-suspend and you can do sudo
rm -rf /var/run/pm-utils/locks/. to solve this but is not my case (no file
appears in that path).
It's very important for this project that the XO goes to sleep without any
problem because it will be working for a long time (almost a month or even
more) without user intervention. And it's important to use pm-suspend
because I use the pm-utils hooks to run some scripts after resume.
Do you have any idea what it could be that is preventing the XO from
suspend? (in the pm-suspend.log there isn't a clue).
I'll be very pleased if I could solve this issue.

Matías Poloni
+598 98867573
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