[support-gang] Great Contributor's Project: Undercover Land Mine Game Update and Download

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Tue Apr 19 19:04:31 EDT 2011

> on the sources of activity should be placed in the file version
> activity.info activity that is designed so that other users who want
> toexperience can see the compatibility of the activity in different flavors
> :-)

I believe that is not necessary.  __ALL__ the software files in this 
package are written in Python -- so anyone who unzips the package has 
access to all the source code.  [There are some data files in binary 
format - but I don't expect you to try to reverse-engineer those.]

> the question is where build of sugar was tested this activity?

Since the  event.block()  problem occurred from a file in the  olpcgames 
  subdirectory -- it is likely that the activity's author picked up that 
ENTIRE subdirectory from a now superseded version of Sugar.  I do not 
know HOW SugarLabs does version control of the resources made available 
to Activity authors - but I am unaware of such information being 
packaged within the released Activity's bundle itself.


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