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Please join us now, voting for the latest OLPC/Sugar
community projects over IRC Live Chat, to make the best project
allocations & mentoring relationships--starting right here:

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* Sunday's 9PM EST Philippines Deployment Report, Live!

* Fast Review of the 7 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
   join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

  1. IT in Education - Benin
  2. Village Education Project - Ecuador / Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
  3. Ecole Mixte and Friends - Gonaive, Haiti
  4. Helping with OS Releases/Customisation - Carnegie Mellon Univ, 
  5. Think Big Nepal - Educating Children Rescued from Slavery
  6. Game based applications to enhance literacy in Rural Kenya
  7. Children Key of Life Project - Dem Republic of Congo/DRC, Zaire

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

1. IT in Education - Benin

    Requests 1 XOs over 10 months

    Project Objectives:
    The project objective is to help children and the public learn to 
use technology
    and find information using computers and the Internet.
    We provide services such as:
    - Literacy courses
    - Basic Computer Usage
    - Word Processing
    - Using Email
    - Using the Internet
    - Using Computers and the Internet to search for jobs / write résumés
    - Specialized Internet search classes on specific topic (such as health
      care, agriculture, etc...)

2. Village Education Project - Ecuador / Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

    Requests 10-20 XOs over 3 months

    Project Objectives: (excerpt)
    The new computer curriculum aims to give the children basic computing
    literacy, including the skills they will need in high school (for
    example, touch typing, word processing, email and Internet research
    techniques) to place them on a more level playing field with their more
    privileged classmates and to ensure that they have a solid foundation to
    build on in their high school classes. OLPC’s XO laptops are especially
    good for this purpose due to their portability, ease of charging, and
    simple interface. More specifically, since our summer program ends with
    a final exam, we aim to have at least 90 percent of our students pass
    the exam on the computer curriculum. We are starting literally at the
    beginning with these kids - most have never used a mouse - so the
    outcomes will be especially visible not only in hard outcomes like their
    test scores, but also in soft outcomes like quality of school projects,
    and general readiness for school.

3. Ecole Mixte and Friends - Gonaive, Haiti

    Requests 5-9 XOs over 36 months

    Project Objectives:
    Friends Academy is seeking to establish a long-term partnership with
    Ecole Mixte Choubert Alexis in Gonaives, Haiti, an accredited school
    that was devastated in the 2010 earthquake. The school would be one of
    several schools in our network. Our objective is to collaborate with
    students around the world on the kinds of projects that require 
    complex communication, creativity, technical competence, and other 21st
    century skills. These projects can take many forms. Imagine students at
    one school creating storyboards, students at another school designing
    the artwork, students at a third school composing the music, a forth
    class producing the final video. This kind of project and those like it
    differ from the usual correspondences and pen pal exchanges that 
    initiate with their international partners. We will also have these
    initial exchanges, but expect more out of these partnerships in the
    long-term. The projects we propose provide students with genuine
    learning experiences. They also build friendships, cement relationships,
    and bridge cultures. They require intense and sustained collaboration.
    Apps like[ ] can help
    with the language barrier. Email, wikis, and blogs allow us to network,
    share and collaborate. These projects allow children to share their
    stories, experiences, culture, values, ideas, and dreams. We believe
    projects like these can be powerful and transformative. Students can
    share, learn, and grow together. Technically, we hope they can build
    on their skills. These projects tie in to our school's vision "to
    develop students who have strong global literacy" and to one of our
    technology goals "global communication and global awareness."
    Teachers at the other schools will carve out their own goals. For one
    teacher, these collaborations might be an avenue to teach English, for
    others, it might be a way to teach the writing process, art, music,
    or theater.

4. Helping with OS Releases/Customisation - Carnegie Mellon Univ, 

    Requests 1 XO-1 and 1 XO-1.5 over undetermined months

    Project Objectives:
    [In order to] help with OS packaging/customisation/builds. For example,
    I would like to help with making smaller images without GNOME by
    verifying the dependencies for the sugar components, and I would be
    willing to otherwise assist in tracking down bugs in the system releases
    and participate in meetings/Bugzilla to this effect. As a systems
    programmer/admin, I know Fedora/RHEL/CentOS very well, and I have
    experience customising them.

5. Think Big Nepal - Educating Children Rescued from Slavery

    Requests 10 XOs over 12 months

    Project Objectives: (excerpts)
    Theobjective of this project is to create a yearlong extracurricular
    academic andmentorship program for 10 children—mostly girls—who have
    been rescued fromslavery or abandonment in Nepal.Through the use of the
    laptops, the program will encompass a wide-rangingcurriculum that will
    enhance the children's understanding of themselves and theworld and will
    foster cognitive, psychological and emotional development.

    The curriculum will be divided into 3 parts; each part will take 4
    months to complete:

    The first part of the curriculum focuses on geography, peoples of
    the world, cultures and religions.
    The second part focuses on government, law and human rights.
    The third part focuses on health, the environment and basic science.

    Create a mentorship program between older and younger children in
    order to maximize the program's benefits for years to come.
    Enhance student interaction with each other through the use of
    technology, fostering an innovative learning experience outside the

    The children will use the laptops to read given assignments, participate
    in exercises, as well as to write their own newspapers and create their
    own storybooks. Participants are responsible to teach some of what they
    learn to the other children in the orphanage, fostering 
communication and
    mentorship skills. For this project, Children of Tomorrow is partnering
    with Nepal OrphansHome (NOH), a nonprofit organization in Kathmanduthat
    operates homes for children who’ve been orphaned, abandoned or
    rescued from bonded labor.

6. Game based applications to enhance literacy in Rural Kenya

    Requests 10 XOs for undetermined months

    Project Objectives:
    To empirically measure the impact of low cost technologies use in
    enhancing literacy for kids from Bottom of Pyramid in Kenya.
    To establish design features that enhance learning for rural kids.
    To make a contribution towards digitizing learning in Kenya and the 

7. Children Key of Life Project - Dem Republic of Congo/DRC, Zaire

    Requests 20 XOs for 12 undetermined months

    Project Objectives:
    Although it has been a really long time since the computer was 
    the computer has become an object of great importance to day, be it any
    workplace and any profession. The uses and applications of computers are
    vast and un-ending. Computer literacy has become a pre-requisite while
    appearing for almost every odd interview. Since it is a known fact that
    today’s children will grow up to become responsible adults of tomorrow,
    they must be introduced to the basic technology that currently rules 
the world.
    According to that reality we have gote that ideas to make this 
project in
    order to providing this knowledge to our children is like preparing them
    for the future.

    But According to the successive wars here in our country (DR Congo) many
    children does't use these software because of life is more hardful,
    parents are not able to pay laptop, it means that the laptops are using
    only for the noble and rich families..

    That is the reason why our Project will allow those vulnerable children
    (all kind of children without eny discrimination )to introducing them to
    that new technology so that This will give them an introduction to the
    syllabus that he will be taught in further professional courses and to
    allow them to get a job...
    Our Project is from the Bible "Paulm 30:11 that says, you have turned
    my mourning into dancing you have sut off my sacclother and clothed me
    with gladness"
    Really we need to help our community with this new system of education.
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