Request for help with adding a driver to build os852

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Wed Sep 29 18:00:54 EDT 2010

Bernie, thank you - everything you said is quite helpful.

> None of the Fedora kernel packages comes close to the OLPC kernel.
> It's a completely independent codebase, forked off from Fedora
> some 3 years ago.

Despite this separate fork, I'm still pondering -

 *  Which version of 2.6.31 (i.e., 2.6.31.??) was harvested
    for 2.6.31_xo1-20100823.1641.1.olpc.12d64069981699a ?

 *  Am I wrong in thinking that modules in 2.6.31../kernel/drivers/usb
    are unlikely to have been patched for the OLPC ?  If they haven't,
    then I should be able to get that Fedora source instead of forked.

Thanks,  mikus

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