Set up local network on olpc with python

Tobi Neuner tobi at
Wed Sep 29 06:39:29 EDT 2010

  Hi guys,

for my bachelor thesis i need to program a short demonstration for the 
game i worked out to show the main functionality. It's some kind of a 
multiplayer learning game with some rpg-ideas for motivation keeping. 
For the multiplayer approach i need so setup a local mesh network to 
send data from one XO to all other. The data, that is send, is always an 
integer or a string value, like the new position of a char or a 
qestion-id. So what i read till now, the dbus tubes would fit perfectly 
for my approach. But at the moment i fail at this point. I don't 
understand how i have to implement this whole thing. So i'm on search 
for some good tutorial, some code snippets, where this is shown, or 
someone, who could explain it to me.

Thanks very much for your help!


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