Radio on/off quirks

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sat Sep 25 22:53:06 EDT 2010

Was: Subject: Re: Announcing the OLPC OS 10.1.2 final release!

If I turn the radio off, then

  radio off, 3 mesh visible
Reboot again:
  radio off, 3 mesh visible
Close cover, pause, open cover:
  radio turns on, connects to my AP
  radio on...

If I turn the radio off, then
  Go to My Settings/Network
  Radio is checked/on.

Turning the radio on has a strange pattern:
  Right away, I get 3 mesh networks.
  After a second or two, there is a blink, blink,
    and see 2 APs.  (but not my AP)
  After roughly 10 more seconds, blink, blink,
    and I see the rest of the APs I expect.
  Then the WiFi LED turns on and it connects to my AP.

I see that when turning it on from My Settings/Network or after opening the 

The My Settings/Network window has both X and check in the upper right 
corner.  I'd expect the X to ignore my changes and the check to save the new 
settings and make any changes.  Instead, the radio gets turned on/off 
immediately after I poke the Radio box.

I suspect somebody familiar with this area might recognize something that 
ties things together.  I'll be glad to submit trac reports if somebody tells 
me which quirks are interesting.

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