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Excerpts from Thomas PLESSIS's message of Tue Sep 21 16:35:15 +0200 2010:

> Do you know a way to launch the menu frame from terminal?

I suppose you mean the Frame [1]?
If so, I don't think there neither is nor should be a way to do that.
The Frame is the UI to manage the system (including closing renegade
activities). It's essential that the way to bring up the Frame always
works (Trusted Path [2]) and that the user only learns this way
(otherwise they would be trained to be victims of trojan attacks).
While the current state of security in Sugar is rather sore (*), it
doesn't mean we should make it even worse.

> i need to show it from a button of my activity....

Why? I.e. what are you trying to accomplish?


(*) Lack of activity isolation, no resource limits, no way to kill
    runaway activities and no Trusted Path to name just a few issues.
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