#10363 NORM 10.1.3: Auto-Suspend gets in the way when sharing over Salut

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net
Mon Sep 20 05:09:42 EDT 2010

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 23:38, Martin Langhoff
<martin.langhoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 5:05 AM, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net> wrote:
>> So the problem is that if you had to resync all state for each machine
>> every time they wake up, you would use lots of bandwidth with the
> (...)
>> Another issue with this is that you not only want to resync presence,
>> but shared activities also would need to resync their state.
> Correct. My notes on the bug are probably unreadable -- it was late
> last night, apologies.
> What I mean to say is that we could
> 1 - explore the interaction between sleep timeouts and Salut resync
> frequency for presence
> 2 - hack the Tubes/Telepathy stack to _prevent sleep_ while an actual
> collaboration session is running
> I think #1 needs to be done regardless, as it'll improve behaviour
> even if/when we our networking/suspend issues sorted. And some of the
> issues in network/suspend interaction won't be easy to resolve.

I doubt there's much that can be done in Salut about it, should be
instead done inside Avahi. I would see how mDNS works, then look for
opportunities of tuning knobs in Avahi to speed up rediscovery:


I'm going to ask around in case somebody has already thought of it and
can provide a shortcut.



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