#10363 NORM 10.1.3: Auto-Suspend gets in the way when sharing over Salut

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net
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> #10363: Auto-Suspend gets in the way when sharing over Salut
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>  Was discussing this with Sam earlier.
>  Is there any workaround we can apply -- seems like Salut or the much
>  maligned Presence Service has some regular event that re-syncs the nodes,
>  can we make it more often? (Sam suggested this earlier though I didn't
>  understand what he meant initially.)
>  Maybe Tomeu can give us a hint on whether such an event exists and what it
>  is called so we can tune it? He'll have info on whether ths is likely to
>  be an issue on 0.90 or not...

Bringing this to devel at l.o where we are already discussing this issue.

So the problem is that if you had to resync all state for each machine
every time they wake up, you would use lots of bandwidth with the
power consumption associated, so much that it may not have been worth

Another issue with this is that you not only want to resync presence,
but shared activities also would need to resync their state. Which
cannot be done without activity-level support which we don't have. It
would also cause more traffic and power consumption in the network as
a whole.



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