olpc-update and deletion of old images

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Sep 9 20:26:45 EDT 2010

On 9 September 2010 18:01, Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can we do it in the bg with a very low-pri process? We'd have to mark
> the "pristine" as "in process of deletion" if the deletion is stopped
> we continue the job next round.

It's an option, but I'm thinking that deleting the whole thing might
be really quick. And waiting to free up the space before first boot of
the new version is maybe a good idea, just in case the update process
used very nearly all of the disk space.

> I am a bit hazy as to what happens to the non-pristine-tree of that
> old version (holding any changed files on top of that old pristine).
> Can we delete it sanely too?

The run tree? Yes.
There is already code for purging old versions (i.e. the "3rd
version"). The deletion process would be the same, but would be
applied to the "2nd version" as well.


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