Initial F14 developers-only release for XO and XO-1.5

pbrobinson at pbrobinson at
Mon Sep 6 17:59:22 EDT 2010

On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 10:46 PM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at> wrote:
> El Mon, 06-09-2010 a las 11:49 +0100, pbrobinson at escribió:
>> > Done, but I'm afraid I had to give it negative karma:
>> Looking at the upstream GIT of evince it looks like this is another of
>> the apis that have been deprecated upstream and Read needs to be
>> updated to fix the issue
> To keep the testing cycle shorter, couldn't you just build the rpms
> locally and test them once on your system before pushing them to bodhi?

I don't maintain that package. I also don't maintain Read. The
gnome-python2 package I did update was just re-enabling the upstream.
In that regard i did test the gnome-python2 package but but not
against Read as where I was in the world at the time I didn't have a
working F-14 system to hand with X working so its pretty hard to. At
the moment I've worked every day in the last month and I've being
travelling around Europe at least once a week so I'm battling to have
time to do the basic stuff.... and I didn't believe I'm the only
person in the sugar testing world.

The problem isn't evince or gnome-python2 but that Read needs to be
updated again for the new upstream evince api changes (again). Looking
in Read git the last tagged release is Read 79 yet on is Read
86. I'm not sure what the rest of the changes are or which version is
correct so going on the official Read 79 release it wouldn't work any


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