Initial F14 developers-only release for XO and XO-1.5

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed Sep 1 01:22:57 EDT 2010


After seeing the community help significantly with F11-on-XO
development, I'm wondering if we can do something similar for a future
release. So, I've taken the first few steps in getting OLPC's
technologies rebased on Fedora 14 and Linux v2.6.35.

The result has lots of problems, but I figure that publishing the work
so far is the first step in getting things fixed.

Things are in such an early stage that I'm labelling this as a
developers-only release. To name a few: Sugar crashes all the time,
the XO-1.5 camera doesn't work, there are some funky graphics bugs on
XO-1, no power management, DCON doesn't work right on either laptop,
desktop switching lands you at a blank screen.

For now, please don't file bugs unless you include patches. And, to
take 1 bite at a time out of this huge task, lets ignore all but the
biggest sugar issues for now because there is plenty of OS work to be
done first. (or alternatively lets take sugar issues directly to SL

And the links:
2.6.35 kernel is in git:// branch olpc-2.6.35
OS build is done from 'f14' branch of olpc-os-builder
First released images are at
Trac is at (basically my immediate
TODO), please don't file tickets unless you include patches in these
early days

Note: I haven't tested those exact images (since Chris @ OLPC built
them), so boot-testing them can be the first task for someone. I have
been working from the same codebases making local images successfully,
so they will probably work (to the extent that things are working).

At this point this is all something put together by me in my spare
time. It's not known if or when OLPC would start working on an
official release from these efforts. But I figure that if we get
things properly stabilized and all the work is done cleanly, we'll
find one way or another to get this in the hands of deployments.


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