gstreamer, XV, and Automatic Power Management conflict

Erik Blankinship erikb at
Fri Oct 29 11:33:54 EDT 2010

[quoted below is a bit of conversation between myself and the helpful James
Cameron on sugar-devel regarding resuming gstreamer video playback from a
paused state]

>> If I pause a video in either the record or jukebox activities
>> and wait about 20 seconds, then just moving the mouse causes the
>> video to go blank!  Or I can wait about 80 seconds and the video
>> will go blank on its own.

> Is Automatic Power Management (My Settings, Power) enabled?
> I suggest the bug may be due to a conflict between Automatic
Power Management and the XV component of the X server.

And, indeed disabling Automatic Power Management fixes the problem.

Since it appears Automatic Power Management is on by default, I assume this
is a bug? ( I looked for this bug on devel.laptop, but did not readily find
it. )

How can I help to fix this bug?
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