Aggressive suspend vs NM/DHCP

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Wed Oct 20 17:55:41 EDT 2010

On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 5:46 PM, John Gilmore <gnu at> wrote:
> If the client sent a broadcast DHCP request, any response will
> NOT be a broadcast -- it'll be sent directly to the MAC address of
> the requester.  (I co-designed the BOOTP protocol that DHCP is based on.)

Thanks! That means I'm worrying pointlessly.

> I guess I have to post this once a month:  stop dumping more kludges into

Sure, just gimme infinite resources to do everything just perfect on
the first try, and crazy upstreams that auto-merge our patches on
stable and dev branches.

Or get rid of those pesky deployments that are about to distribute a
few K laptops to hard-to-reach places w/o internet. So we either fix
something for a "handful" of kids, or we don't.

We aren't upstream. We're downstream -- and very close to the users.
Sit here and feel their pain while we tell them to wait a year or two.

The "right fix" is just what we wanna do for the upstream dev branch,
for the next cycle.

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