avahi might show confusing IP-addresses for the XOs it reports

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sun Oct 17 09:37:45 EDT 2010

XO-1  os852 (with updated olpc-powerd)

DISCLAIMER:  This is FYI - I'm sharing my experiences

While troubleshooting a problem I have on os852 xo1 (interface eth0
disappears), I saw strange output from 'olpc-xos -avahi' on a system
where eth0 worked (I was using this other system for eth0 comparison):

> 0 [~]$ olpc-xos -avahi
> Time   : 06:44:24
> 06f4a0b5 at Lauva    Lauva-8
> 55c4ac9e at Purvs  fe80::210:60ff:fe15:41dc        Purvs-1
> 2733b01e at Uguns    Uguns-1
> 112767ef at Zemes    Zemes-1
> 112767ef at Zemes    Zemes-1
> 0 [~]$

The listing for Zemes (taken on Zemes) is slightly confusing - there are
two entries.  The one (192...) is for its wired ethernet connection, and
the other (169...) is for the automatically-started mesh connection.
Does OLPC expect an XO to have only one IP-address ?

The listing for Purvs is the one I think is inappropriate.  Apparently,
Purvs at this time did not have its ethernet software (IPv4) address set
- so its ethernet-hardware-derived (IPv6) address got shown. [I do
__NOT__ use IPv6 addresses to communicate between XOs.]  A little later,
Purvs had set up its IPv4 ethernet address (I forget - was that manual,
or automatic ?) - now repeating 'olpc-xos -avahi' at Zemes resulted in
the appropriate (192...) address for Purvs being reported.


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