OFW u:/boot/bootfw.zip vs wp tag

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Oct 14 11:54:58 EDT 2010

On 14 October 2010 16:36, Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> [Training a team in mx so brief.]
> Just discovered that when security is disabled, OFW Q3A41 will probe
> int:/boot/bootfw.zip but not u:/boot/bootfw.zip .
> So OFW upgrades trigger automatically after an OS upgrade (where the
> newer bootfw.zip is on the internal disk), but not from USB.

This is probably not the fault of OFW per say, but the fault of the
olpc.fth file shipped in the OS distribution which is executed when
security is disabled.


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