[support-gang] spectacular new XO-1.5 disassembly guides

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Sat Oct 9 15:56:42 EDT 2010

i've taken a lot of XO laptops apart, and i've almost _never_ found it
necessary to remove the screen completely.  the two ribbon connectors
that connect the screen and the backlight have a limited lifetime and
should not be opened and closed needlessly.  unless you're planning on
removing the motherboard, removing the screen is unnecessary.

the screws that attach the back can be reached without remove the
    - first remove the four screws attaching the screen.
    - lift the bottom of the screen to get access to the lower pair
	of screws holding the back.  remove them.  (you can see how
	this can be done in page 6 of the pdf.
    - _without_ undoing the screen's connectors, let the bottom edge
	of the screen drop down in order to get at the upper pair
	of screws that hold the back.  you can see how this works
	on page 7 of the pdf.  the screen's ribbon cables are just
	long enough for this to work.  remove the second pair of
	screws that hold the back on.
    - now, before doing anything else, tuck the top edge of the screen
	back into position, and secure the screen with at at least
	one of the lower screws that hold it in place.  this keeps it
	from flopping around while you remove the back.

you can now remove the back, to get access to most connectors, the RTC
battery, etc.


holt wrote:
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 >  > Just sharing this pdf file of Dissecting an XO 1.5 created by Peter 
 > Domanski
 >  > who just been introduced to XO.
 >  >
 >  > http://wiki.laptop.org/go/File:XO_Disassembly_%28Bottom%29.pdf  [20p, 
 > 1.7MB]
 >  > http://wiki.laptop.org/go/File:XO_Disasembly_%28Top%29.pdf  [33p, 4.1MB]
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 >  > Thanks Peter!
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 > Plz write to Mafe if you have suggested revisions, for her friend Peter 
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