Problem with olpc-os-builder: ZD image of 20 MB

Daniel Castelo dcastelo at
Wed Oct 6 07:42:29 EDT 2010

Hi! We could generate XO 1.5 images (dextrose images) with olpc os builder,
but sometimes we get a strange behaviour: at the end of the process olpc os
builder give us this error message:

/home/latu/olpc-os-builder-1.1.0.dextrose.uy_4Oct/modules/sd_card_image/ line 54: * 512: syntax error: operand expected (error
token is "* 512")

and the size of the ZD image generated is just 20 MB.

Have you ever seen this behaviour?

Thanks for your help.

Ing. Daniel Castelo
Plan Ceibal - Área Técnica
Avda. Italia 6201
Montevideo - Uruguay.
Tel.: 2 601 57 73 Interno 2228
E-mail : dcastelo at
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