pyowerd: Python implementation of powerd

Nate Theis natetheis at
Tue Oct 5 19:52:06 EDT 2010

I made a daemon!

   - It supports idle suspend.
   - But not very well.
   - It doesn't need olpc-switchd.
   - It's threaded.
   - There's weird threading bugs.
   - It still needs olpc-kbdshim for now.
   - I was motivated to write this because powerd is hard-to-read, and
   because powerd can't do DBus/Telepathy, etc
   - Oh, it's buggy.
   - It's mono-file, but still fairly small.
   - Licensed under the GPL v3
   - Supports XO-1 only, at the moment
   - There's no unit testing (or any testing, for that matter)
   - I've only been using Python for about 3 years, so there's bound to be
   syntax errors up the wazoo

So yeah! Very, very alpha-quality software, mostly written on a lark... but
hey, use it if you want, otherwise toss it aside.

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