Hellânio Costa hellanio at virtual.ufc.br
Sun Oct 3 14:56:50 EDT 2010

Had something to do with the size of the generated image? which limit the
image size?
Where it stated that (can I change?) as informed before, I can use up to
800MB of memory. If I install all these packages already installed in a
notebook the pure system then the right, is soon to be large.
already almost to using dd to copy the entire system and generate a image!

2010/10/3 Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org>

> On 3 October 2010 16:48, Hellânio Costa <hellanio at virtual.ufc.br> wrote:
> > #   also removed some packages in Gnome
> no need to modify the code, you can use custom_packages to remove them
> > ERROR:root:Error creating Live CD : fsck returned an error!
> > ERROR: Failure in BuildStage: module base, part build.40.imagecreate.py,
> > error code 1
> First time I've seen this error. It is also different from the other 2
> you have reported. My next step would be to go into the code of
> imgcreate and figure out where it logs the actual output from fsck.
> Daniel

Instituto UFC - Virtual
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