Firmware update

Paul Fox pgf at
Thu Nov 25 23:55:49 EST 2010

c. scott ananian wrote:
 > At one point Michael and I also had a side-loading mechanism
 > implemented -- if you put your target RPMs in some directory in
 > /home/olpc -- I think it was ~/.rpms -- then they'd automatically get
 > re-installed after olpc-update.  That was (at the time) the preferred
 > mechanism for "adding a few packages" persistently to a build.
 > Assuming this mechanism hasn't code-rotted, this is a nice
 > intermediate step: less work than rolling an entire new build, and
 > relatively easy to accomodate new "upstream" builds without
 > disruption.

see #6432, and

i believe the location was/is /home/olpc/.custom/rpms, but i haven't
tried using it in a very long time.

 paul fox, pgf at

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