Firmware update -> os-builder

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Nov 25 03:17:56 EST 2010

On 25 November 2010 04:11, Jerry Vonau <jvonau at> wrote:
> Having os-builder required to have net access in is
> less than ideal for remote image creation. Once the cache is downloaded
> could we not just run createrepo on the cache and point os-builder to
> the local url instead of going out to the net all the time? something
> like:
> if use_cache:
>            url = "file:///%s/imgcreate/%s" %(ooblib.cachedir, name)
>        else:
>            url = "" % name
> Attached is a rough diff of what I have in mind.

That would be nice (as a configurable option - not the default). Feel
free to develop this further... ;)

> On a side note both 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 share the the same olpc repo via os-builder
> (, that makes it harder to tell the break
> between the two.  Now it's impossible to re-spin os852 without hard-coding the
> rpm versions elsewhere in os-builder. Just a thought.

Look closer.  10.1.2 uses frozen repos instead of the ones on xs-dev.
You can still replicate it exactly.
10.1.3 will also switch to frozen repos soon.


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