Firmware update

Jerry Vonau jvonau at
Wed Nov 24 03:26:05 EST 2010

On Tue, 2010-11-23 at 16:30 -0500, Kevin Gordon wrote:
> Ooops I think I sent this to the wrong thread before.  Sorry for any
> inconvenience.
> I seem to remember that the signed builds would automatically update
> the
> firmware on machines when using the game-key-release update method,
> assuming that one had the power cord plugged in.
> Using the current 852 build, the firmware on the XO 1.5 is not being
> upgraded
> from q3a48 to q3a50 (which is the recommended fw listed on the wiki).
> Not a
> big deal, as one can flash using the X-release boot method to the Ok
> prompt, and then using
> the USB stick where the .dot-rom file sits in the /boot directory.
> And, I dont expect it to be there using the 35x fs-update method, but
> I was
> just wondering whether this auto-firmware update feature for
> 'game-key-release' installs of signed builds is now a thing of the
> past, a
> figment of my iimagination, bad memory, or
> whether the fw in the pack is maybe still q3a48.
> Cheers,
> KG

I've played around with the bootfw rpm, altering the install path to
reflect where /boot really is on the filesystem while booted up. This
has the advantage of being able to use rpm/yum to stage the upgrade of
the firmware. Providing you have the power cable connected, once OFW
looks in /boot it will look for I'm just putting the zip in
the correct location to be found. I have a test re-roll of q3a50
available from:

the diff:

and what I used for the rpm:

If you have net access and would like to test, all on one line:
rpm -Uvh

try it out if you like,


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