Firmware update

Chris Ball cjb at
Tue Nov 23 16:38:42 EST 2010


   > And, I dont expect it to be there using the 35x fs-update method,
   > but I was just wondering whether this auto-firmware update
   > feature for 'game-key-release' installs of signed builds is now a
   > thing of the past, a figment of my iimagination, bad memory, or
   > whether the fw in the pack is maybe still q3a48.

You can check in a couple of ways:

* Run "rpm -q bootfw" while booted
* Look at,
  which says "bootfw-q3a48-1.unsigned.i386"

So, the update system works fine, but at the time of os852 release,
q3a48 was the latest OFW release.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>
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